Here's What Happened When Tan And Antoni 'Queer Eyed' My Love Life

Could they do for my dating life what they've done for two seasons' worth of dudes?

Tan France and Antoni Porowski have helped whip plenty of men into shape on their mega-hit show “Queer Eye.” Could they, then, do the same for my love life?

That’s the question I posed when I found out that the show’s resident style and food expert, respectively, had partnered with Excedrin on a collection of special edition packaging ― with one specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of a bad date. 

Never washing these jeans again. 
Never washing these jeans again. 

Dating is, admittedly, not my forté. I am happily single, much to the dismay of my grandmother and find the prospect of finding love either on the internet or in real life to be exhausting. 

But if anyone could help walk me through it, and convince me to give dating another shot, who better than the French-tucking, avocado-loving men I’ve been dating via my Netflix account for months? 

With that in mind, I enlisted the pair with the tall task of “Queer Eye-ing” my dating profile. It looked a little bit like this:

But I had some questions for them, too. Despite both being in long-term relationships, I had to know: Would Tan ever date a bad dresser? What is Antoni’s ideal first date food? Did the two feel like leaving their loves behind and running away with me? (No, sadly.)

In the end, I got some solid advice on my photo choices, got schooled for opening the prop wine sloppily (sorry, Antoni!) and even started chatting with a new guy.

Check out the video above to see how it all went down. In the meantime, I’ll be changing my dating, LinkedIn and Facebook profile photos to this: