The 'Queer Eye' Guys Gave A Shelter Dog A Makeover, And It's Doggone Sweet

Netflix and the Fab Five gave this pup a makeover for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

Who do you enlist when you need to give a good boy (or girl!) a little doggy makeover before they get adopted? The equally good boys who make up the Fab Five!

For National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, Netflix tapped the stars of “Queer Eye” to give a lucky shelter dog named Lacey a little TLC. (Honestly, this pup is only about half as hairy as your average “Queer Eye” subject, so it works.)

Antoni bakes some healthy puppy cookies, Jonathan gives Lacey a manicure, Tan zhooshes her up with some new accessories (no scarves, “too basic!”), and Bobby treats her to a cushy new bed and dog toys.

Best of all, Karamo comes in clutch with a puppy pep talk. It’s hard out there for a doggo looking for her forever home, and poor Lacey’s been put through the wringer. In her first three years of life, she was abandoned on the streets of New York City and escaped being euthanized at the pound.

“You probably have a lot of fear of what’s going to happen in the new home,” Kamaro tells the dog. “But I love you and they’re going to love you, and if you ever feel that stress and anxiety of ‘maybe they’re not gonna love me?’ I want you to say this to yourself: ‘I’m a good girl and I deserve love!’

Yes, you are, Lacey! Watch the clip above to see it all play out.