'Queer Eye' Star Jonathan Van Ness Says 'Thank U, Next' To Boyfriend In Breakup Post

The "Queer Eye" star is skating solo into the new year.

Jonathan Van Ness is seeking strength from an Ariana Grande song amid his breakup with Wilco Froneman. 

The “Queer Eye” star is skating solo in the new year, announcing he’s split with his boyfriend after a few months together in a post inspired by the pop star’s ubiquitous breakup anthem, “thank u, next!”  

Jonathan Van Ness and Wilco Froneman attend the Netflix Primetime Emmys afterparty in 2018. Van Ness referenced Ariana G
Jonathan Van Ness and Wilco Froneman attend the Netflix Primetime Emmys afterparty in 2018. Van Ness referenced Ariana Grande's song while announcing their breakup on Instagram.

 The grooming guru took a page out of co-star Antoni Porowski’s book and shared a shirtless photo of himself on Instagram Monday to reveal the news. 

“She taught me love, she taught me patience, how she handles pain, that shits amazing,” he wrote. “I’ve loved and I’ve lost but that’s not what I see because look what I found ain’t no need for searching, rounding out my 2018 with a very gorg THANK U NEXT. #selflove.” 

Van Ness intimated that infidelity was responsible for the breakup in a previous version of the caption, which included “Cheaters never prosper,” according to Us Weekly

He later put a positive spin on the message and deleted the suggestive text, as well as turned off the comments, before imploring his followers not to send any hate Froneman’s way. 

“I should’ve sat with myself a bit longer before I posted my most recent post,” Van Ness wrote on Instagram Stories. “Wilco is a good person & sometimes things don’t work out. Please don’t go attack him on his page. Just let us move on, heal and enjoy your gorgeous New Years celebration.”

The 31-year-old went on to assure his fans that “your girl Jonathan is just fine.” 

Froneman has yet to publicly address their split.

The two met at a Fourth of July party in Fire Island, New York, over the summer and started dating shortly after. 

“I kind of thought we had more, like, BFF synergy when we very first met,” Van Ness told E! News about his first impression of Froneman. “And then very quickly, I was like, ‘Oh.’ It’s just ’cause his personality shines so bright that it took me a minute to realize he was a 6-foot-7, muscle-bound rugby player.”

They waited a few months to make their official debut as a couple at the 2018 Primetime Creative Arts Emmys, where the reality TV show star famously rocked a black dress complete with a sheer top to the ceremony. 

At least Van Ness has his “Queer Eye” family to lean on, which should be a comfort, as his co-star Porowski ended a seven-year relationship with boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer earlier this year. 

Porowski has since moved on with interior designer and “Flipping Out” star Trace Lehnhoff.

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