Adorable Video For Kids Shows That Activism Is Literally As Easy As Pie

"It’s about how you want to make change and what you to change."

According to “Queer Kid Stuff” creator Lindsay Amer, you’re never too young to be an activist. 

Now in its third season, Amer’s YouTube series has done an impressive job of breaking down LGBTQ themes, experiences and ideas in ways that are accessible and fun for preschool children. In the new installment, Amer and co-host Teddy show viewers that being an activist is, literally, as easy as pie. 

“The filling is all about you and your activism,” Amer says in the clip. “It’s about how you want to make change and what you want to change. You can put anything you want in your pie.” 

Previously, Amer has referenced a number of historical protests, like the 1969 Stonewall riots and the Women’s March, on the series ― albeit in kid-friendly, easy-to-follow terms. 

“We’ve touched on activism in a bunch of our episodes,” the host, who recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the show’s fourth and fifth seasons, told HuffPost. “But I thought it was important to highlight activism in its own episode. This brings together a bunch of concepts we’ve been talking about throughout the series, and I was excited to present it in a really fun way.”

Check out the latest episode of “Queer Kid Stuff” above, and head here for past episodes.