Here's The Perfect Way To Explain Asexuality To Kids (And Adults Too!)

What if we all started to think of sexuality AND romance being on a spectrum?

The latest episode of our favorite queer web series for kids is tackling an often misunderstood identity within the LGBTQ community: asexuality.

“Queer Kid Stuff” is a project created by and starring Lindsey Amer alongside her sidekick Teddy. After a successful first season, the second season of QKS is tackling the nuances of LGBTQ experience in a way that is accessible and educational for children. For more complicated ideas like asexuality, Amer brings in a friend who identifies as such in order to further help explain what this word means and offer some first-hand knowledge.

“Asexual is another under-represented identity within the LGBTQIA community,” Amer told HuffPost. “It was important for us to represent and explain this identity that is widely misunderstood and stigmatized. It also gave us an opportunity to discuss different kinds of love. This is a great topic to look at for kids to better understand sexuality, what it means for adults versus kids, how to classify different relationships, and begin to think of romance and sexuality on a spectrum.”

Check out this week’s episode of “Queer Kid Stuff” above. Missed the previous installments in this LGBTQ web series for kids? Head here.



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