Here's A Great Way To Talk To Kids About Body Positivity

"It’s all about loving yourself just the way you are."

Lindsay Amer wants to “bring the body positivity movement” to a new generation with the latest episode of her educational YouTube series, “ Queer Kid Stuff.”

“No matter how big or small or short or tall, you can celebrate your body and feel good about how you look,” Amer tells her co-host, Teddy, in the video. “We see pictures and videos all the time of bodies that are celebrated because they’re one way ... [but] everybody is equally awesome.”

To her young viewers, Amer suggests trying different physical activities, eating new foods and offering yourself daily affirmations as ways to improve body positivity.

“It’s all about loving yourself just the way you are,” she says.

Queer Kid Stuff” breaks down LGBTQ themes, experiences and ideas in ways that are accessible and fun for children. Previous installments have explored coming out, gender expression and safety in schools.

Amer, who has hosted “Queer Kid Stuff” for three seasons, told HuffPost, “I really just want kids to feel good about themselves, whether that’s their gender, their family, their interests, their expression and even their bodies.”

She added, “Feeling cozy in your own skin starts at a young age, and there are so many visual influences badgering young people to be a certain way, and I hope this is a breath of fresh air.”

Check out Amer’s latest video above, and head here for past episodes of “Queer Kid Stuff.”

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