Here's A Great Way To Talk To Kids About The Gender Spectrum

Because gender “is way cooler when you can see all of its colors.”

Activist AC Dumlao drops by the educational YouTube series, “Queer Kid Stuff,” for a special episode about the gender spectrum.

In the clip above, Dumlao and “Queer Kid Stuff” host Lindsay Amer use a rainbow to relay the concept of the gender spectrum for young viewers.

“If you’re looking at binary gender, it seems pretty black and white: either boy or girl,” Dumlao explains. “But we know that’s not true. Gender isn’t only black and white, because we can see where there’s a spectrum, a whole color spectrum between black and white, just like there is gender outside of, and in between, ‘boy’ and ‘girl.’”

Adds Amer: “Gender is way cooler when you can see all of its colors.”

Queer Kid Stuff” breaks down LGBTQ themes, experiences and ideas in ways that are accessible and fun for children. Previous installments have explored coming out, gender expression and safety in schools.

Head here for past episodes of “Queer Kid Stuff.”

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