Here's An Amazing Way To Talk To Kids About Privilege And Intersectionality

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Our favorite queer web series for children is back for the last episode of the season to explain “privilege” and “intersectionality” in a way that is accessible and digestible for kids.

Throughout the course of the second season of “Queer Kid Stuff,” creator and star Lindsey Amer zoomed in on identity with a mini-series focused on understanding privilege through concepts such as race and class. This latest episode helps kids understand the intersections of these identities. 

“The last episode of season two wraps up our series on privilege with a quick introductory lesson about intersectionality,” Amer told HuffPost. “This is an incredibly complex idea and this video only just starts to get at what intersectionality is, but it’s really important to pull it into our on going conversation about privilege and different facets of identity so I thought I would take a crack at it.”

Check out the last episode of the “Queer Kid Stuff” second season above. Missed the previous episodes? Head here.



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