Here's The Perfect Way To Explain Intersex Identity To Kids (And Adults Too!)

"It's about making the identity more visible."

Our favorite web series for kids is back for the second episode of its new season, offering an explainer for an often misunderstood segment of the queer community: intersex individuals.

If you’ve missed previous episodes, “Queer Kid Stuff” is the brainchild of Lindsey Amer, who hosts the series alongside her stuffed sidekick, Teddy. The pair tackle different themes, ideas and terms that relate to the LGBTQ community in a way that is informative, digestible and accessible.

For this week’s episode, the pair welcomes on a friend named Claudia to help unpack what is meant when people use the word intersex.

“I wanted to go back to our series on ‘LGBT’ to expand the acronym to include more identities,” Amer told The Huffington Post. “Intersex is something that really isn’t talked about and making a video to explain it (for adults, as much as kids) is about making the identity more visible. I brought on a guest for this episode because I didn’t feel comfortable explaining what it means to be intersex myself as I am not intersex. I learned so much from Claudia while we were making this episode together. I really hope this helps people understand what the sometimes elusive I means in LGBTQIA.” 

Check out the episode on intersex identity above and head here if you’ve missed the previous episodes of “Queer Kid Stuff.”



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