Our Favorite Queer Web Series For Kids Explores 'Steven Universe'

Are you familiar with the Crystal Gems?

If you haven’t seen “Steven Universe,” you’re missing out.

Arguably the queerest show specifically for kids on television today, the animated series is both revolutionary and completely original. And now our favorite web series for kids, “Queer Kid Stuff,” explores the show in order to help break down just why it’s so great.

“In my humble opinion, ‘Steven Universe’ is the best show on television ― kid’s show or not,” Lindsay Amer, creator of “Queer Kid Stuff,” told HuffPost. “It’s also the only show for kids I’ve ever come across that directly depicts queer characters, has wacky adventure storylines with badass female leads, and it’s on Cartoon Network. I cannot undersell this show and that’s why I wanted to make a video about it. I love pop culture and I wish there were more queer kid’s shows like Steven Universe out there for me to talk about because queer visibility is so key. It’s why I started making this series in the first place.”

“Queer Kid Stuff” is an amazing project that breaks down queer themes and experiences for children in a way that is accessible, educational and ― most importantly ― fun. Previous episodes in this web series have explored ideas such as gender and even the fundamental idea of queerness itself.

Head here to check out the previous “Queer Kid Stuff” episodes.



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