Here Is A Brilliant Way To Talk To Kids About Privilege And Class

How is class like ice cream?

Kids are curious creatures ― and its our job to help them better understand the world around them.

Our favorite LGBTQ web series for kids, “Queer Kid Stuff,” is currently producing a collection of episodes focused on helping kids understand privilege and how it shapes their experiences in world. Previous episodes have focused on race and the general concept of privilege itself, while the latest tackles the concept of class.

For this episode, creator and star Lindsay Amer enlisted the help of her friend Gaby Dunn to better contextualize how class shapes the daily experiences of children.

“Class privilege is incredibly relevant to kids but it’s rarely ever talked about in a way that’s friendly and relatable,” Amer told HuffPost. “So many of us have stories like Gaby’s where class directly affected our early school experiences like our uniforms, or lunch time. Hopefully this explanation gives kids and their grown ups an easy way to start that discussion.”

Check out the episode above and head here to see more from Amer and “Queer Kid Stuff.”



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