Here's A Brilliant Way To Explain What 'Consent' Means To Kids

"NO means NO and YES means YES!"

The latest episode of one of our favorite queer resources for kids is tackling an important and complicated topic: consent.

Queer Kid Stuff” is a weekly web series from creator and star Lindsey Amer and her sidekick Teddy. In this second season of the project, Amer is focusing on massively important topics through an LGBTQ lens ― like consent ― in ways that are both educational and accessible.

Amer accomplishes this in her "Consent" video by using toys and a song to help kids conceptualize what may otherwise seem a difficult concept to grasp.

“Consent is something kids can and should understand from a young age whether it’s about sharing their toys or if they are ok with adults hugging them,” Amer told HuffPost. “Teaching kids about their bodily autonomy sets a precedent for their lives that they can take into adulthood: to respect others’ wishes and have their choices respected in return. This episode is our first foray into pseudo-sex education for our audience and we are really excited to figure out what other topics we can tackle.”

Some adults can stand to learn a thing or two about this topic themselvesl.

Check out this week’s episode of “Queer Kid Stuff” above and head here to check out previous episodes.



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