Here Is An Easy And Fun Way To Explain What LGBTQ Means To Kids

It's tricky -- let this video help.

The latest episode of our favorite queer web series for kids is tackling the LGBT acronym and explaining it in a way that is accessible and entertaining for kids.

During the next few weeks of “Queer Kid Stuff,” creator Lindsey Amer is breaking down each letter of “LGBT.” In the above video, she introduces the acronym as a whole ― as well as its many variations. In another (below), she unpacks the first letter, which stands for “lesbian.”

Amer told The Huffington Post that this section of the web series expands on some of the foundational ideas laid out earlier on in “Queer Kid Stuff.”

“We’re differentiating between ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ and working on expanding our vocabulary,” Amer stated. “Additionally, I wanted to touch on what different people with the same sexuality might look like and how not every lesbian might be butch or femme or androgynous and how personal that can be for some people. This was important to look at since we haven’t been focusing much on gender presentation and expression yet and I’m starting to sneak that into the lesson since it’s such a huge part of queer identity.”

“Queer Kid Stuff” is a weekly web series for kids that breaks down queer experiences and themes in an accessible way for children. Past episodes of this web series have explored ideas such as gender and even the fundamental idea of queerness itself.

Check out more episodes of “Queer Kid Stuff” and stay tuned for more from Amer.

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