Here's A Brilliant Way To Talk To Kids About Race And Privilege

It's time once again for "Queer Kid Stuff!"

Race can be a tricky and complex topic to explain to children, but the latest episode of our favorite queer web series for kids is here to help.

Queer Kid Stuff” is a YouTube series created by and starring Lindsay Amer that takes LGBTQ themes, ideas and experiences and helps break them down in ways that are educational, accessible and fun for children.

This week’s episode on race is part of a smaller series Amer is doing on privilege, and she brings in actress, educator and activist Kyra Jones to help direct the conversation.

“We’re continuing our series on privilege and identity with a new episode on race,” Amer told HuffPost. “As someone who has a lot of privilege when it comes to race, I wanted to bring in my friend Kyra to help me simplify this complex topic and provide representation to kids of color. Kyra has taught me so much about race over the years and I hope this video can spread some of her wisdom to QKS viewers!”

Check out this week’s episode on race above and head to YouTube to see more from “Queer Kid Stuff.”

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