Queer Money: Be The Lion That Slays Cubicles And Jumps Walls

On this episode of Queer Money, the Debt Free Guys talk with serial successful entrepreneur, Chad Nash. Chad is the CEO and Founder of both Data Springs and Inner Lion and author of The Lion in the Cubicle. While he's preparing to launch iScubaToo, a diving app that puts in one place your dives, other divers, new dive spots and much more, he traveled the world for the last 24 months with no end in sight.

Because of his successes and as a member of the queer community, we wanted to get into his head to see what we and our followers can learn to accomplish our own successes.

Chad follows the Law of Attraction and shares several tips and tools to help us integrate an abundant mindset into our own lives. Chad recognized this power from the juxtaposition of watching those in his hometown in Blue Springs, Missouri struggle despite all their hard work while he lived in San Diego with a casual work ethic that yielded the successful results that let him travel the world for the last 24 months.

Chad says, "Like attracts like and that unto itself is drawn." This is the foundation of Chad's belief and he uses it in both his personal and professional life. Listen to more of Chad's inspiring insights .