Queer People Don't Need to Be Understood

Let's dive into it: We all know someone who is gay. And if not, you know someone who knows someone who is gay.

And let's face it: According to popular media, the gay world has its own culture submerged in Lady Gaga and lost episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This all may seem kosher, but how many of us truly fit the genitalia-determined roles featured in these mainstream dramas? Many may, but many don't.

As a people, we are who we are. Sometimes looking to classify what somebody is, instead of simply enjoying the human quality of difference, robs one of the intricate colors of life -- and by "colors" I mean that there are approximately 7 billion humans on this planet, so what makes you think they will all be the same? Are we looking for a robotic future? In short, let people be. We are not the same, and that's something that makes us beautiful. Don't allow an emotionally stagnant society rob you of the joy of being you, or of the joy of letting people be themselves.

We are looking to be accepted, but most of us forget the importance of self-acceptance. You won't find judgement mingling with peace. Peace only wants peace; it doesn't seek to define.

A popular, poetic saying goes, "Love your neighbor as you would love yourself." It doesn't state that you must understand this person's lifestyle or appearance in order to love them. I hear no judgement in that verse, no explanation of how to limit love. It seems that your neighbor, be they gay, straight, or in-between, deserves as much love as you give yourself.

And in these times, I hope you love yourself. I hope a lot of people begin to love themselves more.
We all need it.

So before you can begin to try to understand an alternative lifestyle, remember that we didn't ask for that. We ask that you love us as you love yourself. If you don't love yourself, understanding is impossible, and kindness is shallow.