Queer R&B Artist Russell Elliot Premieres Video For 'Around'

Russell Elliot wants to break down barriers in the music industry.

Russell Elliot, a musician whose work is queering the world of R&B, just dropped a new video for his single "Around."

We first introduced you to Elliot in late 2014 when he was engaged in a Kickstarter campaign to record with a queer framework that focused on respecting women. Identifying as a pansexual feminist, Elliot hoped to used the funds to produce a four-song LP in a genre of music with little queer representation.

The video for "Around" is inspired by Elliot's experiences with falling for a man in college who identified as straight.

"Falling for a straight boy is hard," Elliot told The Huffington Post. "When he likes you back, but has no accessible way to act upon those feelings without betraying his heteronormative identity, things get messy. I fell for a boy in college who wanted me behind closed doors and wanted the rest of his comfortable straight life on the other side of that door partying with the 'normal' kids. This video is me finally saying what I should have from the jump: you can’t have it both ways."

Check out the video for "Around" above and head here to read more about Elliot.

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