Check Out These Queer-Owned Clothing Lines For Your Holiday Shopping

By shopping at queer-owned businesses, you can both support the LGBTQ community and cross gifts off your holiday list.

’Tis the season for shopping!

Don’t be lured in by the bright lights and holiday music of big, name-brand stores. These queer-owned, LGBTQ-friendly businesses have gifts for everyone on your shopping list.

These brands all have one mission in common: to create spaces for gender-nonconforming people and beyond to comfortably shop and express themselves. On top of that, many of them donate portions of their sales to community groups and nonprofits.

Your purchase, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.

Check some of them out below:

DFRNTPIGEON is run by marginalized youth in Portland, Oregon. The designers’ work is created to represent their experiences and individuality, while also giving back to the community. The brand’s designers pay and mentor young creatives to help invent their gender-free collections.
BRUJAS is a femme-identifying group of skateboarders, artists and activists pursuing political action and creativity. Their clothes and accessories are just icing on the cake that supports an emerging coalition of young radicals.
STUZO Clothing
“‘Men’ wear ‘women’s’ clothes and ‘women’ wear ‘men’s’ clothes, get over it!”
Enough said.
STUZO Clothing is a genderless clothing brand that’s creating a space in the fashion industry for those of all sizes and identities. When you wear STUZO, you’ll be among the likes of Ruby Rose and Lena Waithe, who have sported the brand in the past.
Kirrin Finch
Kirrin Finch has a lot going for it. It’s inclusive, sustainable and made in the USA. It uses natural fabrics with low-impact dyes and makes menswear adaptable to women's bodies (i.e. no more boob gaps on button-down shirts).
FLAVNT Streetwear
FLAVNT Streetwear serves both looks and the community. This brand is “by queer people for queer people” and presents that message through its designs. FLAVNT often raises money to help customers pay for their surgeries, prioritizing transgender feminine supporters and supporters of color.
Wildfang wants to smash the patriarchy and demolish gender roles. The queer-run, female-founded business hopes to change the way we think about menswear versus women’s fashion. Its colorful collections are rethinking what gender-neutral clothing should look like.
No Sesso
“No sesso” means “no sex/gender” in Italian. No Sesso’s simple, yet vibrant collections are designed with everyone in mind. The brand’s creators are more than just designers — they’re creatives and DJs. They host parties and educational programs alongside their fashion work to empower people of all identities, sizes and colors.

So get out, be merry and shop queer!

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