Why Are Bi Men Less Likely To Open Up About Same-Sex Attraction?

And other big Queer Wellness stories from the past week.

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Why Are Bi Men Less Likely to Disclose?

A new study found men who were behaviorally bisexual chose not to disclose same-sex attraction because they feared stigma and changes to their relationships – not, as some have suggested, because they were unsure of their sexuality.
Harassment Higher for LGBQ Youth—and Not Just About Sexual Orientation

A large study of Minnesota teens found that LGB and questioning youth experienced higher levels of harassment not only with respect to sexual orientation, but also for race, disability, gender, and weight or appearance.

Lawmakers, Advocates Ask FDA to Change Blood Donation Rules

Over 130 members of Congress, along with many LGBTQ rights groups, are asking the Food and Drug Administrationto lift the ban on blood donations by any men who have had sex with another man within the past 12 months. Many gay and bi men were turned away from giving blood after the shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Military Will Accept Openly Trans Service Members That Have Completed Necessary Medical Treatment

The Pentagon announced it will begin to let transgender individuals serve openly in the Armed Forces and will allow openly transgender people to join starting next year, provided they have completed any necessary medical treatment and have been “stable in their preferred gender for 18 months.”