LGBT YouTubers Share Why They Are #ProudToBe Queer

Happy Pride!

In honor of 2016 Queer Pride, YouTube brought together a group of its most popular lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) personalities to discuss why they are #ProudToBe queer.

The YouTube #ProudToBe campaign occurring in conjunction with the above video encourages others to share their own story, photo or video using the hashtag to engage in a larger, virtual conversation about what Pride means to them.

"Around the world, YouTube has consistently been a place where people can express who they are and a place where people can find community, especially when they may not be able to find it at home," a YouTube spokesperson told The Huffington Post. "No matter who you are, YouTube gives you a voice and the opportunity to connect with those who share a similar story. We are proud to be a platform where our users can be exactly who they are, and the LGBTQ community is integral to that voice and that message."

Check out the video for yourself above and head here to learn more about the #ProudToBe campaign.



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