#QueerLoveLooksLike: These Valentine's Day Photos Have Us Falling In Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sure, mainstream culture has force-fed us a lot of bullshit about what February 14 is supposed to mean but as queer people, we've never been very good about listening to what the mainstream tells us about anything.

So instead of giving you a big box of barfy drug store chocolates or making you feel bad if you aren't dating (or married to) someone, we have a gift for you that celebrates love in the most beautiful and perfect way: queer people sharing photos of the people (and sometimes pets) they love.

We asked our readers to tweet a photo using the #QueerLoveLooksLike hashtag and below you'll see what came our way. We've got to admit all this love in our Twitter feed had us squealing like a woman in a jewelry store commercial who just opened a tiny felt box with a big juicy cubic zirconia inside it -- only not.

So check out all of the love below and then send a note or give a call to someone you love and let them know how much they mean to you. And if you want to add your photo to the list, tweet your own pic using #QueerLoveLooksLike and we'll add a second round of photos next week.