QueerView March 20: A Look Back At The Week In LGBT News Stories

Each week HuffPost Gay Voices and HuffPost Live will take a look back at some of the biggest queer news stories from the past week. Check back every Friday for your queer news round-up in this regular feature titled "QueerView."

This Gay Alabama Couple Will No Longer Leave Huge Fortune To University
A gay couple who have been together for forty years join Josh to reveal their decision not to leave their fortune to the University of Alabama.

Presbyterian Church USA Officially Endorses Same-Sex Marriage
A gay pastor joins Josh to weigh in on one Presbyterian church's decision to embrace same-sex marriage.

LGBT Activist On Queer Life In Dublin: 'We've Seen A Huge Culture Shift'
Josh is joined by an LGBT activist from Ireland to discuss what queer life is like in Dublin.

NY, Boston Make History Including LGBT People In St. Paddy's Day Parades
LGBT groups have finally been included in St. Patrick's Day parades in both New York and Boston.

Our #UnicornOfTheWeek: Trans Teen Jazz Jennings
Josh reveals our Unicorn Of The Week.

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