Questions About 2020 Down-Ballot Races? Ask Our HuffPost Politics Editors

Weigh in on one of the most important issues of the election.
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During this historic election, we know our readers will have a lot to say. And we want to hear it!

We’re launching three forums this week focusing on big election topics. Our hope is that this will result in robust conversation during which you can weigh in on some of the most important election topics, and hear from journalists covering these issues as well. We’ll focus our moderators here to ensure the conversation remains civil and fact-checked, and we’ll highlight the best comments in our roundups.

This is the forum for discussing down-ballot races and ballot measures.

Whether it’s interpreting the latest polls or keeping up with the latest results, HuffPost politics reporter Ariel Edwards-Levy will try to get to all of your questions by Nov. 5. Leave your questions in the comments.

This is how you can get to the comments.
This is how you can get to the comments.

To get to the comments, click on the quote bubble in the sharing icons either to the left of an article’s headline (on desktop), at the top of the article (on mobile and desktop web browser) or in the tab at the bottom of the app screen. You can find more information about comments on our FAQ page.

Regardless of who you are, where you live, or what you believe, HuffPost has always been a place for you to express your thoughts and opinions and participate in discussions about the most important stories of our time.

Please join us! Check back frequently to weigh in and hear what other HuffPost readers think about what’s going on.

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