23 Questions Raised By Katy Perry's Absurd 'Dark Horse' Video

Katy Perry unveiled the video for "Dark Horse" on Thursday, and boy, do we have questions. Lots of them. Like: Why? Why is anything that happens in it happening?

If you haven't watched, it appropriates ancient Egyptian culture and symbolism, and, well, that's about all we can tell you. We could pretend like we have all the answers, except we don't have a single answer. So here are a lot of questions raised by "Dark Horse."

Did Katy Perry lead to the demise of Memphis, Egypt?
katy perry

Why are these men blue?
katy perry blue men

Why did this pirate abandon his ship?
katy perry eyepatch

Who knew the ancient Egyptians had such modernized hair-dyeing techniques?
katy perry hair

How is this helping her vision?
katy perry eye

How did she survive this lightning strike?
katy perry lightning

Why does that pirate look like he belongs on the set of "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace"?
katy perry sandman

Why can't that snake bite Katy Perry so this will end?
katy perry snakes

Would Cleopatra approve of this look? (Hint: Not even Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra would approve of this look.)
katy perry teeth

Is that pyramid made of sidewalk chalk?
katy perry food

Is this really what Katy Perry looks like when she's hungry?
katy perry pyramid

When did ancient Egypt get Flamin' Hot Cheetos?
katy perry cheetos

What did she expect? She just ate a Flamin' Hot Cheeto.
katy perry hot

Why is this guy so useless? Who is this guy?
katy perry water

Is she auditioning for "Mortal Kombat"?
katy perry ball

How did Katy Perry manage to get this off the "Legends of the Hidden Temple" set?
katy perry temple

Doesn't this carriage look like it'll fall apart at any second?
katy perry buggy

How did this guy go from this ...
katy perry face

... to this?
katy perry crocodile

Why was this small dog selected to represent how we all feel about this music video?
katy perry dog

Where did this dude get his beard groomed?
katy perry beard

How did Katy Perry even get up there?
katy perry pyramid

Why are her eyes terrifying all of a sudden?
katy perry eye shadow

Why? Just why?
katy perry weird

What questions do you have about Perry's video? Watch below and decide.

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