The 25 Questions And Statements That Immediately Age You

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It's nearing the end 2016: That's more than two years further removed from 1985 than Marty McFly was in 1955 when he went Back to the Future. The original Karate Kid is now older than Mr. Miyagi was in the movie. And Home Alone was released closer to the moon landing than to now (thanks, Buzzfeed)

Ew ... Feeling a little old? Yeah, me too. But if you don't want to seem old, you've GOT to watch what you say! Here are just a few examples of statements and questions that I have heard come out of my very own mouth (and from friends and acquaintances) in the past few weeks ... all of which I think immediately age you:

  1. I like your thongs (meaning flip flops).
  2. I have never worn a thong (meaning underwear).
  3. You sound like a broken record (self-explanatory).
  4. I'd like to pay cash for that.
  5. I'm on The Facebook (or The Twitter, or The Google).
  6. We have to do "cyber" better (thanks, Donald Trump).
  7. My flip phone is just fine (no, it isn't).
  8. I hate f&*king computers! (that's not allowed).
  9. I forgot my shopping list.
  10. I don't know how to use most of my apps.
  11. What is Venmo? (Please)
  12. Let me just check my watch.
  13. How do I watch Showtime?
  14. I don't drive at night.
  15. What's a Twitter handle?
  16. What is anime and manga?
  17. What's the deal with this cold brew coffee?
  18. I just don't have the stamina.
  19. How do you find the time for Pinterest/Instagram?
  20. How can you read all of that on your phone????
  21. Just a minute -- I need to find where that camera app is on my phone.
  22. I'm going to pick up that delicious chocolate cake at Costco.
  23.  Can you teach me how to tape that show?
  24. LOL stands for Lots Of Love, right?
  25. All my friends are dead.

What have you heard (or said) recently? Please, feel free to add to my list ... there's plenty I missed!

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