70 Questions We Have For Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

If it happens.

Yesterday, TV Line reported that Netflix had ordered four new 90-minute episodes of beloved mid-aughts sitcom "Gilmore Girls." The original cast, including Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop, are said to be on board. Furthermore, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is supposedly writing the script, meaning it'll probably go more like Seasons 1 through 6 and less like the show's (disastrous) final season that aired on the CW in 2007, which she was not involved in.

It's going to be great. Or terrible! We can't know. Regardless, this news still leaves us with a lot of questions about where "Gilmore Girls" Season 8 would take us. Here are 70 of them.

  1. Do Luke and Lorelai get married?
  2. Do they surrender the planning to Emily?
  3. Does it all happen sometime before Season 8 begins, so we are assured Richard was able to see his daughter's wedding? (R.I.P. Edward Herrmann.)
  4. How does Emily cope after Richard's death? 
  5. Who does Rory end up with?
  6. Is it Jess?
  7. Does she meet someone on Obama's campaign trail?
  8. What pop culture references will Lorelai make in her speedy dialogue?
  9. If Rory has a daughter, will she name her Lorelai, too?
  10. Will Rory call her Laila for short?
  11. How about Lola?
  12. Or Lori?
  13. Are there endless nicknames for "Lorelai"?
  14. Will Sookie have any more kids?
  15. Will one of them grow up to earn two Michelin stars, thus embarking on a tormented journey to win herself a third?
  16. How close does Sookie come to burning down the Dragonfly Inn through an accident in the kitchen?
  17. Can we let Melissa McCarthy toss some jokes into her lines?
  18. Will Jess ever make The New York Times bestsellers' list?
  19. Will he come back to Stars Hollow to help run Luke's Diner even when he's a famous author? 
  20. Does his mother open an Etsy shop for her jewelry operation?
  21. Will Stars Hollow ever get a Starbucks?
  22. Does Luke ever franchise the diner?
  23. Does Kirk marry Lulu?
  24. Does Kirk ever age?
  25. Does Kirk purchase the town of Stars Hollow with his odd-job fortune and vow to preserve its authentic charm so long as he lives?
  26. Is that why they don't have a Starbucks?
  27. Where does the town troubadour live?
  28. Has Skype made it possible for everyone to attend town hall meetings remotely?
  29. Does this mere suggestion give Taylor an aneurysm?
  30. Does Rory ever go to another meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution?
  31. What happened with her building dedication at Yale?
  32. Is she essentially a sweeter C.J. Cregg from "The West Wing" now?
  33. Or does she write for a blog, say, The Intercept?
  34. Did Rory peak in college?
  35. How many Twitter followers does she have?
  36. Does Emily have any long-lost brothers or sisters?
  37. Will they come live with her to keep her company in her mansion?
  38. Or will Emily live out her old age with her daughter and son-in-law in Stars Hollow?
  39. Will she ever find a maid she likes?
  40. Does Lorelai have any long-lost brothers or sisters, borne out of some hushed-up Gilmore family scandal?
  41. Will Christopher ever regret calling his second daughter "Gigi"?
  42. Does Paris become a successful doctor by simply scaring viruses from patients' bodies?
  43. Or does she mellow with age?
  44. Does Paris open an Etsy shop for her crafts?
  45. When will Paul Anka become a father?
  46. Will Jackson join the March Against Monsanto movement?
  47. Does Luke inherit Richard's antique car collection?
  48. Does Lorelai sneak them out of the garage for joyrides?
  49. Who's the most famous person to ever stay at the Dragonfly Inn?
  50. What color was Luke's baseball cap when he got it?
  51. Can we please see Paris and Doyle's wedding?
  52. How does Lorelai get takeout from so many ethnic restaurants when she lives in New England's most lily-white town?
  53. Will scientists ever study the Gilmore metabolism?
  54. Would Rory, after extensive reporting on animal rights abuses, turn vegan?
  55. Would this alienate her mother?
  56. Does Lindsay, Dean's ex-wife, find happiness?
  57. Whatever happened to Dean?
  58. Whatever happened to Marty, aka Naked Guy?
  59. Does Dave Rygalski show up and make Lane wonder what her life could have been like if only he hadn't moved to California?
  60. Is Dave Rygalski very glad he moved to California instead of settling down to accidentally have kids in his early 20s?
  61. Will Logan, still hopelessly in love with his college flame, eventually take over the Huntzberger family business and make Rory a job offer she can't refuse, drawing her closer to him?
  62. Will Logan age into lifelong bachelorhood when he realizes he'd rather be alone than with anyone but Rory?
  63. Does Rory realize her taste in travel and culture would be better served by Logan's financial resources?
  64. When does Hep Alien make the Billboard Top 100?
  65. Do Lane's children rebel against their rock 'n' roll mom by getting into experimental electronica?
  66. Will Lane finally visit her extended family in Korea, only to find they're all obsessed with K-Pop?
  67. Does Lane dye her hair lavender gray?
  68. Will she have a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal?
  69. When will everyone figure out that Miss Patty and Taylor are boning?
  70. Is there anything better than a plum?


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misspelled Edward Herrmann's last name.


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