Questions for Hillary and Bernie at Second Democratic Debate

On Friday Rachel Maddow will host the second Democratic debate on MSNBC. I am confident that Rachel will do an excellent job but I do have a few questions I would like to know the answers to.
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On Friday Rachel Maddow will host the second Democratic debate on MSNBC. I am confident that Rachel will do an excellent job but I do have a few questions I would like to know the answers to. These are my questions for Hillary:

Who is on your short list for your Secretary of the Treasury for you cabinet?

In my opinion, this question more than any other would show just how committed HRC is to fixing income equality. If anyone is on the list is from the the Robert Rubin Larry Summers Citigroup clan, we know she is not as committed as she says she is. A more pointed yet similar question is:

In what concrete ways will you address income inequality and why would you be be better at it than your opponent Senator Sanders?

Another question in a similar vein:

Why are you not in favor of bringing back the Glass Steagall Act?

This Act protected our economy for over 60 years. Then when it got removed eventually all hell broke loose. To not fight hard for this protection is unconscionable. The unspoken answer probably is, "well I took too much money from Wall Street to do it." Still, an answer from her would be fascinating.

Shifting gears. How about this one:

Why are you in favor of a no fly zone in Syria?

This hawkish approach seems to be asking for another Iraq/Vietnam type of war. How does she justify this? By taking this position, it appears she has learned nothing from her professed mistake to vote to go to war with Iraq.

Another similar question would be:

Given that you have recommended a no fly zone in Syria and voted for the Iraq war, why should voters especially soldiers and their families believe you will go to great lengths to avoid wars?

Another question would be:

In retrospect, would you still take out Gaddafi in Libya?

Or this: After taking out Saddam Hussein led to a very unstable Middle East and helped create ISIS, how do you justify taking out Gaddafi?

It is obvious to everyone that these regimes kept the Middle East from spinning out of control. She needs to be held accountable for whatever role she played in the regime change of Libya, which has been another Middle East disaster.

This is very unlikely to be asked but I would love an answer:

Do you really believe that Bernie Sanders as president will be soft on gun control?

I do not believe that Hillary or any Democrat really believes that as President Bernie will not do his level best to get proper gun control measures through Congress when at all possible. This question is more pertinent to this election than questions about the two votes he made against gun control measures.

This leads to my first question for Bernie:

Going forward, how would you approach the gun control issue?

My favorite question to Bernie would be:

Would you give serious consideration to Senator Warren as Secretary of the Treasury?

She has been quoted as saying this job would be "fun." I would pay good money to see the look on the faces of any of the wolves of Wall Street if Warren were to become Secretary of the Treasury. Who is better for what we need now at this job? Hillary sure wont do this.

Last but not least:

What exactly do you mean that you are going to lead a political revolution in this country?

I believe he means driving vast voter turnout of people who believe in Democrat values, but do not usually vote. He is right. If enough of these potential voters come out of the shadows it could completely pushback the Tea Party crazies that now take and waste taxpayer money in the Congress. A big enough voter turnout could not only get back the Senate in 2016 but could also build momentum for Dems taking back the House in 2018. There are a few out there now that believe the House can be over turned in 2016 but this is still quite the long shot.

As a concerned voter these are the questions I want to see put to the candidates this Friday.

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