16 Questions For Men That Reveal The Casual Sexism Women Experience Every Day

Sexism can be hard to point out when it's so engrained in our everyday lives. Clementine Ford, however, found an awesome way to highlight casual sexism with a simple hashtag.

Ford, a columnist for Daily Life Australian, took to Twitter on Feb. 2 to ask a pointed question about the sexism she faces at work.

The tweet and hashtag inspired other women on social media to pose their own #QuestionsForMen. As smart feminist hashtags often do, #QuestionsForMen quickly picked up steam. The conversations ranged from how women need to approach their careers differently than men, to worrying about the dangers of walking home too late, and the fact that the government still has some control over women's bodies.

Both women and men began tweeting the hashtag with their own questions about catcalling, sexual harassment and other issues women are forced to deal with on a daily basis. Here are 16 of our favorite #QuestionsForMen tweets:

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