10 Questions To Ask Your Roommate Before Move-In Day

10 Questions To Ask Your Roommate Before Move-In Day

By Sydney Nolan

Moving day can be summed up in three words: hectic, awkward, and exciting. You’ll definitely get your workout in for the day by carrying all of your awesome new dorm décor from your car to your new home away from home. You’ll also be bombarded with all kinds of information, and, in the span of only a few hours, meet tons of new people -- one of whom will be your roommate. Get prepared for living with your new roomie by getting answers to some of these basic questions before stepping foot on campus or in the dorm.

1. What are you bringing for the room?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your roomie before you move in. You wouldn’t want to arrive on moving day to find out you and your roommate are now the proud owners of two microwaves and no mini fridge! Make sure to coordinate well in advance to make sure one of you isn’t stuck buying and bringing most of the big-ticket items like a fridge, microwave, TV, rug, or mirror, as well as double-check to make sure you won’t have duplicate items. This planning is super important, as many dorms restrict the number of large items you can keep in one room. Keep in mind that space will also be limited in the dorm, so you won’t want two fridges, even if there’s no official rule limiting the number of items per room.

2. Is anyone coming with to help you move in? What time will you be there?

It’s also a good idea to coordinate move-in schedules. If one of you is short a set of hands or needs help carrying in large items, you might want to see if you and your new roommate can help each other out and move stuff in together. If you’re planning to bring the whole fam with you to help set up your new space, you might want to make sure a large group won’t be in the way of anyone your roommate is bringing with her. Touch base and find out when and who will be helping your roommate move in, and share the same information with her to ensure you won’t have a mini traffic jam in your room or the hallway.

3. What are you thinking in terms of dorm décor?

Make sure to talk to your roommate before you hit the stores to find all kinds of awesome dorm decor to fill your room with. Find out if she was planning on or interested in coordinating colors or patterns. It’s also smart to discuss whether one of you has anything large or bulky you’re planning on bringing that could take up a lot of space, like a large poster or an extra chair or futon.

4. Did you do any clubs or activities in high school?

Discussing past activities and interests will help you and your roomie figure out if you have any common interests that could translate to college. You were both debaters? Awesome -- you just found someone to go check out your college’s team with! It’s also an easy, no-pressure question that can help you two break the ice and get to know each other better.

5. Are any of your friends going here?

Meeting people through your roommate is a great way to start broadening your social circle in college, especially early on in the year. Find out if she knows anyone she could introduce you to, and be willing to do the same if you know others at your college or university. Asking a question like this is also an easy way to find out whether or not your roommate plans to use the room often for socializing, and then you can discuss any potential issues or problems that might crop up as a result.

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