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14 Genius Hacks For A Quick Breakfast On-The-Go


Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it's arguably the most delicious. Sadly, we often let breakfast fall by the wayside with insanely busy schedules.

But abandon breakfast no more. We've rounded up 14 hacks to ensure you get in your first meal of the day without wasting any time.

Prepare your pancake batter in an old ketchup bottle.
Your Modern Family
Make it the night before, then shake before pouring into a heated pan in the morning. Get the instructions at Your Modern Family.
Make waffle cinnamon rolls.
Little Bit Funky
Buy the prepared cinnamon rolls, stick them in a waffle iron and drizzle with frosting. Get the instructions at Little Bit Funky.
Bake your eggs in an avocado.
Lil' Luna
Because then you can take them with you on the road. Feel free to add toppings like cheese or bacon. Get the how-to at Lil' Luna.
Make your pancakes in a jar and take them with you.
Boy & The Rabbit
No griddle necessary. Instructions are over at Boy & The Rabbit.
Make hard boiled eggs in advance.
Dessert Now Dinner Later
Make a bunch of hard boiled eggs to have in your fridge whenever you need some protein. Find out how to make these eggs that can be easily peeled at Dessert Now Dinner Later.
Make a month of frozen smoothies in an hour.
Hello Natural
Time saver for an entire month? Yes please. Get the instructions at Hello Natural.
Prepare energy bites you can eat on the go.
Gimme Some Oven
These peanut butter energy bites require no baking and very little time. Win, win. Get the recipe at Gimme Some Oven.
Make some cereal bars the night before.
Chew Out Loud
Much easier than milk and a spoon when you're running out the door. And you can replace the given cereal with your personal favorite. Find the recipe at Chew Out Loud.
Make a muffin in 60 seconds.
The Diva Dish
Muffin? Yes. Only a minute? Double yes. Get the recipe at The Diva Dish.
Bake ahead and freeze some savory mini egg muffins.
Ring Finger Tan Line
These grab-and-go breakfast muffins can be frozen and reheated for whenever you're in a rush. Grab the recipe at Ring Finger Tan Line.
Mix up some overnight oats.
A Pumpkin and a Princess
The only thing you'll have to do in the morning is throw the container in your bag. Get the recipe for these banana blueberry overnight oats at A Pumpkin And A Princess.
Whip up a batch of breakfast cookies in advance.
Five Heart Home
Cookies?! For breakfast?! Done. Find the recipe over at Five Heart Home.
Eat your yogurt on a stick.
Caramel Potatoes
Yogurt + fruit - bowl - spoon. Get the instructions at Caramel Potatoes.
When in doubt, reheat breakfast pizza.
Yellow Bliss Road
Pizza is best in the morning. Make it the night before for dinner, then take a slice or two on the go. Get the recipe for this one at Yellow Bliss Road.
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