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Quick Cheddar Cheese Fondue

In the Pantry Challenge video series, Lauren Braun Costello -- chef, author and food stylist -- shows busy moms how to make meals using ingredients they already have in their pantries, solving their unique cooking challenges. In this episode, Lauren shows Aimee R., a mother of two and a PR executive, how to make a quick and easy dinner recipe using cheese.

To begin the fondue, Lauren adds shredded Cheddar cheese to a large bowl and sprinkles cornstarch over it, stirring the cheese to coat it thoroughly. Not only does the cornstarch help thicken the sauce, it also helps the fondue stick to what you dunk into it later.

Next, Lauren starts heating a mixture of whole milk, Dijon mustard, nutmeg, Worcestershire sauce, white pepper and salt in a pan. When the milk begins to boil, she whisks it to combine all of the ingredients, then slowly whisks in handfuls of the cornstarch-coated cheese. When it's thick and creamy, she turns her attention to the rest of the plate. Instead of pouring the sauce into a fondue pot, she suggests making a bread bowl, which will keep the sauce warm for an hour -- plenty of time for a family dinner. She cuts the top off of a round loaf of sourdough, then pulls pieces of bread from the center, creating a bowl. (The top can be cut up for dipping, too. Save the bread from the insides to make breadcrumbs.)

What can you serve with the cheese fondue? Anything you've got! Leftovers work wonderfully for this dish, so get creative with cubes of steak, roasted potatoes, steamed or raw vegetables, apples, pieces of chicken -- anything that strikes your fancy. Cheese tastes good with almost anything.

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