'Quick Draw' On Hulu: Saloon Or Apothecary, Who Can Tell? (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Hot on the heels of Netflix, Hulu is finally branching out into original series in addition to their vast array of acquisitions, with a number of unique comedies hoping the lure viewers away from traditional broadcast networks. One of Hulu's most intriguing new series is western comedy "Quick Draw," which is fully improvised by a fearless band of comedians including John Lehr, Nick Brown, Robert Clendenin, Ralph Garman, Alison Dunbar and Alexia Dox.

The half-hour procedural comedy follows Harvard-educated Sheriff John Henry Hoyle (Lehr) and his reluctant Deputy Eli (Brown) as they hunt down robbers, murderers and the dangerous James Younger gang that terrorized Kansas for years (true story), as Sheriff Hoyle attempts to introduce forensics to the Wild West. Though the citizens of Great Bend are generally unimpressed with Hoyle's educational pedigree and penchant for forensic science, they come to appreciate his sharp mind and sharper shooting.

Four episodes are already streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus, with new installments posted every Monday. In the above clip from the fifth episode, which goes live on August 25, Sheriff Hoyle has closed the local saloon, but the inhabitants of Great Bend have another cunning method of getting their "shots."

Watch the first episode of "Quick Draw" below, then click over to Hulu for more:

Have you been watching any of Hulu's original series? Will you give "Quick Draw" a shot?