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This Revolutionary Hair Spray Could Dry Your Hair Quicker

What if we told you there was a magical hair serum that could cut down drying time? Well, this product might be a possibility.

The Daily Mail tested White Sands' Porosity the Fix, which claims to be a "concealer" for hair, which the publication actually rendered as a "quick-dry topcoat," like your clear nail polish. So how does that transform your DIY blow out?

Taylor Lorenz, the reviewer, said her hair usually takes about 15 minutes to blow dry, and she also has to run a flat iron over her hair post-dry. After putting the product through her hair after a shower, Lorenz remarks:

Porosity the Fix spray definitely made my hair smoother, and easier to brush mid-dry, but I can't say for sure that it made the process faster. Perhaps I simply have a lot of hair, but from start to finish my blow dry with Porosity the Fix took ten minutes and 29 seconds, which is quick, but still within my average range.

Although it seems to only cut down the process by a few minutes, Lorenz really appreciated the results, saying "The quality of the blowout, however, was markedly improved," and it stayed resilient throughout the day.

Porosity The Fix is available for $19 here.

The fashion and beauty markets are filling up with innovative products that aim to fulfill our time-saving, and somewhat lazy needs. If it isn't a pair of lost sunglasses that text you or a printer that will deliver eyeshadow instantly, there's always going to be something that has the capacity to blow our minds.

Would you ever try this fast-drying hair spray?

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