Quick Fix: 8 Life Hacks When You're In A Jam

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Life throws a lot at us. Sometimes we're ready for it, oftentimes we're not. So the least we can do is have a few hacks at our disposal. Here are 10 quick tips that may just neutralize a tricky situation.

So Long, Fuzz
It's your best friend's wedding, you're in your best suit, and it covered with cat hair. Or fuzzy lint. Or both. If you don't have a roller on you, simply grab an extra FedEx airbill pouch, flip it inside out, and voila: a de-linting glove that would make MacGyver proud.

Hang Time
Looking to minimize a possible hangover? Have a decent meal before you hit the bar. Suck back a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. Avoid dark liquors (they contain more hangover-producing chemicals). And try to sober up as much as possible before bed.

You Gonna Eat Those Eggs?
Eggs are a healthy form of protein. Unless they've gone bad, of course. Here's how to tell. Get a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will sink and lay on their side. Week-old eggs will sink, but the fat end will slightly rise up. Bad eggs will float. Avoid those!

The Lies Have It
Whether you're chatting with a car salesman or questioning a co-worker you think may have it in for you, it's good to know if they're lying. Some telltale signs include a change in speaking (their pitch or pace diverts from the norm), avoiding the word "I," distracted body language (e.g., picking at their shirt, cleaning their glasses), and rehearsed-sounding answers.

Know When To Tow 'Em
Statistics say you're much better off getting a tow when your car breaks down. Attempting to play mechanic on the shoulder of a highway or busy street dramatically increases your chances of being struck by a passing vehicle.

It's a long shot, but you may just come face to face with quicksand someday. Or rather, you'll be torso-deep in the stuff, struggling to get out. Here's the fix: Since your body is less dense than quicksand, it's difficult to completely sink so long as you remain calm. Slowly pull each leg to the surface, as if you're trying to float on water. When you're horizontal, you'll be able to wriggle toward some terra firma.

Water In The Desert

Movies make it seem like deserts are nothing but sand. And although some may fit that description, many are replete with green vegetation such as cottonwood, willow, ash, and sycamore trees, all which contain potable liquid. Also, be on the lookout for birds and insects: Chances are they're heading toward moisture.

You Say Tornado, I Say Tor-NAH-Do
Tornadoes are scary when you're indoors. They're even scarier when you're driving in your car. To stay safe, remain in the vehicle and don't park under an overpass. Simply drive away from the massive twister and find shelter at a local gas station, restaurant, or store.