Badass Skydivers Show You Don't Need Magic To Play Quidditch

These daredevil Muggles are living out every Harry Potter fan's dream.

Quidditch just got real. Very real indeed.

Many Muggles have fantasized about playing Harry Potter's favorite game.

Participants have so far only played Muggle quidditch, which has its own World Cup and featured in “The Internship” movie starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan, on the ground.

Until now.

Video posted online shows skydivers playing the sport as they plummet to Earth after jumping out of an airplane.

It's probably as close as anyone will ever get to recreating what went through Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's head when she first imagined the fantastical game.

That is, unless someone decides to start playing it with jetpacks. Now that would be a rush.

Colombian telecommunications company ETB posted the footage to YouTube on Apr. 26, and it's now going viral.

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