13 Awkward Things You'll Only Understand If You Work In An Extremely Quiet Office

13 Awkward Things You'll Only Understand If You Work In An Extremely Quiet Office

So, you've landed your dream job. How exciting! You can't wait to work in a lively environment, where everyone is bouncing ideas off each other and chumming it up. On day one, you walk into the office and it's like a damn library in there -- every turn of a page sounds like a chainsaw going through a blackboard. By week two, you want to scream. WHY IS EVERYONE SO QUIET?

Face it: You work in a quiet office. It's so unbelievably devoid of noise that you can literally hear a pin drop. Don't worry, we feel your pain. Below, we've highlighted 14 awkward problems that you may have encountered if you work in the most silent of places.

1. You wore loud shoes into the office.

Worst decision: deciding to wear your brand new squeaky sneakers into this cold and quiet place. Thinking about heels? You'll definitely sound like a horse.

2. Then you took out your bag with velcro or a loud zipper.

That loud "rrrrrrrip" echoes throughout the office. Do you go slow to minimize the noise, or do you just rip it off all at once?

3. You had a better conversation with a coworker over Gchat than in real life.

Everyone would hear your in-person conversation, so you just told a coworker one of your biggest secrets on Gchat. When you passed each other in the hallway later, you barely acknowledged each other.

4. You laughed out loud at your computer. And you snorted.

Yep, everybody heard.

5. You always know when that one coworker with the distinctively loud laugh is around.

But you consider it a relief when you hear them cut through the cold silence in the room.

6. You can also find the person who finger drums all the time. He still doesn't realize he's playing for an audience of 200.

Go ahead and finger drum, guy! If this place wasn't a mausoleum, we wouldn't even notice.

7. You've heard the person 10 desks down typing.

It sounded like he was attacking the keyboard, but in this environment, those could have been normally enthusiastic keystrokes.

8. You forgot headphones and thought you could get away with playing something with audio.

Everyone will judge your musical tastes. Watching a YouTube video? Don't be surprised if a crowd gathers around your desk to see what all the commotion is about.

9. Or you thought you plugged your headphones in, but you did not.

Oops ... guess everyone knows you like Ke$ha now.

10. You attempted to have a serious phone conversation. It was impossible.

Privacy gets thrown out the window in the quiet office. Everyone knows your mom calls you every day.

11. You had a cold and feared letting out a sneeze or cough.

Don't even get us started on blowing your nose...

12. You got super hungry.

And your stomach growled like a rabid dog. Yeah, your neighbor knows you're ready for lunch.

13. So you went for a snack. But had to rethink that apple...

That first bite is like a shattering pane of glass. True story: We've overheard a coworker sincerely apologize to the person next to him because he was about to eat an apple at his desk.

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