Watch The Short Doc - Quincy Jones, Comedian Dying Of Cancer, Gets HBO Special

Comedian, Quincy Jones was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer 6 months ago and was told he had 1 year to live. At 32, Quincy decided that instead of giving up and waiting for the end that he would continue to live his passion: comedy. Despite ongoing chemotherapy, he didn't stop touring because he wants nothing more than to leave behind a comedic legacy that will not be forgotten.

He's always been dedicated to his craft, having performed 1000 shows in just one year, which averages out to roughly 3 shows a day. But he aims even bigger. Quincy's dream to make a comedy special became a reality when, after months of his friends raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign, he was asked to be on The Ellen Show for a second time this month.

Yesterday, Ellen told Quincy that HBO would distribute his comedy special, his lasting legacy. The special is scheduled to be shot on April 4. It will air sometime this Spring.

Ron Parida
had the chance to meet and film a short documentary on the comedian for The Happiness Stories series. The doc is proof that no matter what people face in their lives, pushing forward and staying positive is the only way to leave the imprint you wish to leave behind.

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