Quislings Everywhere

Quislings Everywhere
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Lynn Forester De Rothschild wants to take her ball and go home. The former Hillary backer is expected to announce her support for John McCain today. See if you can parse her public statements and make sense of her motivations.

On Logical Consistency

On Elitism

So I said to Evelyn, We're going to have to do it like Bernard Baruch and get rich by exiting too soon.

Back when John [TV/wireless mogul and gagillionaire Kluge] sold to Southwest Bell I said "Boy, you know, I want a net worth of $40 million. Because I just thought that was more money than I could ever imagine. I thought I would die and go to heaven if I ever had $40 million. And John gave me the best advice I've ever gotten in one sentence. He said, "Stop. Don't think at all about the net worth you're creating. Think about your vision for what you're creating, and that you wake up every day and you love it. The money will follow." And it was sort of so profound, and this rush came over me of "Oh my God, of course," and then I just went on from there. And that made a huge difference to me.

On being a hypocritical fool

"Well, most of all I learned that it's better to be lucky than to be smart."

"But we do live in a world of consequences."

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