Here's How Many People Would Give Up Alcohol To See Donald Trump Impeached

They'd all quit drinking for good if it meant Trump would be impeached tomorrow.

The lengths that some people would go to see President Donald Trump impeached have been laid bare.

In a new survey, 73.3 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of Republicans said they’d ditch alcohol for good if it meant Trump could be impeached tomorrow.

Only 1,013 men and women were questioned nationwide, but it suggests that almost one fifth of GOP voters would happily quit drinking for the rest of their lives in protest against their own candidate.

Of those asked who’d give up booze in exchange for the media not writing negative things about Trump, who is a teetotaller, only 6.5 percent of Democrats and 30.6 percent of Republicans agreed.

The survey also questioned people on “greater good” issues that they wouldn’t give up alcohol for ― such as the halting of climate change, saving the life of a stranger, discovering a cure for cancer or giving 10 children in another country access to clean drinking water.

Check out the results below: also discovered that wine drinkers were more likely to give up sex for alcohol and that millennials were marginally more happy to lose a finger than forego drinking:

Check out the rest of the survey here.

Sophie Theallet

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