Quit Your Job Now, Because These 8 Tips Will Help You Land a Reality TV Gig

I'm just kidding -- you don't want to quit your job to chase reality TV fame and fortune.

The truth is, very few people who apply actually make it onto a show, and the majority of those that do, land on some obscure cable network. A good friend of mine, Marc Lobliner, was cast and participated on John Cena's new reality TV show, American Grit, which premiers April 14th on FOX.

The show splits sixteen of the country's toughest men and women into four teams as they work together to face a variety of military-grade and survival-themed challenges. The show had Lobliner's name all over it -- he's a professional bodybuilder, the CMO of TigerFitness.com and CEO of his own line up supplements, MTS Nutrition.

Since he has recently been through the process and knows what it takes to be selected for a soon-to-be hit reality TV show, I decided to pick his brain, and he revealed eight tips that will help you increase your odds of being cast. Aside from 15-minutes of fame, being on a hit reality TV show can potentially provide a priceless career boost -- prime time TV exposure is no joke.

1. Be Unique

"Take a look back at the first season of Survivor. The memorable cast members were an old guy who refused to give up named Rudy and an overweight man who loved to be naked. They are the two most memorable cast members from that season. When casting shows, the producers want a character, good or bad, that can play a role in the show as well as captivate the minds and hearts of viewers worldwide. If everyone was nice, would the show be interesting? Nope, it would be predictable and boring. So, be unique and don't be afraid to stand out and state how you really feel -- let your emotions and personality out."

2. Be Outspoken

"You can be the coolest and most intriguing person in the world, but if you don't tell anyone about it, it doesn't exist. Be outspoken, and don't be afraid to tell people you will own them, even at something as simple as a game of Ping-Pong. Don't forget to backup your words with actions."

3. Have a Skillset

"If you look at American Grit's 'Competitors' page, it lists skills. 'The Olympian,' 'Former NFL Player,' etc. Have a skillset and zone in on it. It doesn't have to be anything professional, either. One of my cast mates is listed as 'The No Excuses Mom.'"

4. Master Social Media

"If you want them to find you, then put yourself out there! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat - use and master it all. I have no doubt that my YouTube channel highlighting my outspoken nature and heavy weightlifting had a lot to do with me being chosen. Plus, once the show has been filmed, they know your followers will watch and share, helping the ratings. In fact, all of these tips in this article are the same things that can help make you a social media star as well."

5. Start Applying

"Many TV networks post open casting calls and have application forms directly on their websites. Even if you don't have the social media clout, you can still apply, demonstrate your skills on a video, and potentially be chosen. While I didn't have to do a video interview, many of my cast mates did and it led to them being chosen. It's a long-shot that your phone will magically ring one day with an offer, so if you want to be on a reality TV show, take action and start applying."

6. Establish a Unique Look

"My unique look consisted of tights and funny socks -- and of course a larger than normal body frame. When I went in for my final interview, they advised me to carry this unique look into filming: LeBron sneakers, calf sleeves, crazy socks and a string tank top. Uniqueness paid off."

7. Don't Be Afraid of Cockiness

"Cockiness and confidence have a place on reality TV. Don't be afraid to say you're the best. Don't be afraid to say that you will win. Be extremely confident, because reality shows thrive on realness. A dramatic personality doesn't hurt either, as producers drool over potential drama that might ensue when filming begins."

8. Do Epic Stuff in Real Life

"Doing epic things in real life enhances your resume. Doing things like participating in mud runs, donating time at a homeless shelter, or even sky diving -- these help to make you unique and interesting -- and an employable reality show star."

Have you ever applied to be on a reality show? Are you planning to do so in the future? Let us know in the comments section below -- I'd love to hear your plans and experiences.

Jonathan Long is the Founder & CEO of Market Domination Media®, an online marketing agency. Jonathan also created EBOC.co (Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Community), a private business forum.