QUIZ: Can You Match These Movies To What My Mom Calls Them?

Mom Titles:
1. The Last Hotel
2. A Cousin And Her Sister
3. Marley And...Somebody
4. The One With The Guy Who Has A Sister
5. Mad Men
6. The Other Guy With A Sister. We Love The Sister
7. Jordan Who Never Leaves The Basement
8. Tiny Houses, Which Totally Reminds Me Of You
9. Annie Ha
10. Melissa McCarthy! She is SO Funny!
11. He Was So Talented, That's So Sad

Real Titles:
A. Jeff, Who Lives At Home
B. Mad Men*
C. Spy
D. Frances Ha
E. (Anything with John Cusack)
F. Tiny Furniture
G. Your Sister's Sister
H. Marley And Me
I. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
J. (Anything with Philip Seymour Hoffman)
K. (Anything starring Jason Bateman)

*She knows the name but I think she thinks it's a movie? She's always surprised when it isn't nominated for any Oscars.

ANSWER KEY: (1, I) (2, G) (3, H) (4, K) (5, B) (6, E) (7, A) (8, F) (9, D) (10, C) (11, J)