Quran Burning FAIL: Skateboarder Foils Extremist (VIDEO)

WATCH: Quran Burning FAIL

Is it news when somebody burns a Quran? It probably shouldn't have been.

Is it news when somebody DOESN'T burn a Quran. No. Well, maybe ...

Enter Jacob Isom, a resident of Amarillo, TX. The 23-year-old skateboarder happend to be nearby when he heard somebody mention burning a copy of the Quran. Apparently that didn't seem too righteous to Jacob, who snatched away the holy book -- already doused in a flammable liquid -- and told the agitator, "Dude, you have no Quran!" before running off.

The Amarillo Globe-News reports that Isom was wearing a t-shirt with the words, "I'm in Repent Amarillo No Joke" handwritten on the back and he accused David Grisham, from Christian fundamentalist group Repent Amarillo, of "trying to start Holy Wars."

Think Progress noticed that there's a happy ending: "As Amarillo Citizens Against Repent Amarillo's Facebook page shows, Isom made sure the book made it into the safe hands of a smiling local Muslim leader."

The incident occurred during a rally against Quran burning organized by the Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Sam Houston Park. No word on whether Grisham wants his Quran back. Apparently he wasn't a fan, anyway.


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