Baffled QVC Hosts Can't Quite Figure Out What The Moon Is

WATCH: Baffled QVC Hosts Can't Figure Out What The Moon Is

Here's a video that has us more than a little bit concerned about the state of science education in America.

During Monday's broadcast on the QVC shopping network, host Shawn Killinger and designer Isaac Mizrahi found themselves in a spirited discussion over whether or not the Moon is a planet. Just check it out above.

"Isn't the Moon a star?" Killinger wonders aloud, having seconds earlier called it a planet.

"No. The Moon is a planet, darling," Mizrahi croons in reply.

"The sun is a star. Is the Moon really a planet?" Killinger asks, to which Mizrahi responds, "I don't know what the sun is."

Face palm. The conversation continues as Mizrahi asks someone off-camera to "Google the Moon," while Killinger contemplates whether or not the Moon might actually be a star after all.

We won't lie to you; it only goes downhill from there, with Mizrahi standing firm on the Moon's planethood, "because things live on it." (Sorry, Neil Armstrong.)

Snark aside, thanks to QVC for this teachable moment. The Moon is not considered a star or a planet; it's Earth's only permanent, natural satellite. And on average, it's just under 240,000 -- not a bazillion -- miles from Earth.

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