Latina Abuelas Will Go Crazy For This Sale On Mislabeled Food Containers

Abuelas’ refrigerators are like the witness protection program for food.

Are you tired of coworkers always taking your food out of the office refrigerator? Then perhaps you could use a set of gently used mislabeled containers, just like the ones offered in this fake QVC "La Casa" segment produced by the brilliant people at Flama.

If you grew up in a Latino household, then you know  abuelas’ refrigerators are like the witness protection program for food due to all the mislabeled food containers stored in there. The "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter" tub always seems to be filled with leftover rice, ice cream tubs are clever fronts for fragrant sofrito and cream cheese containers are stuffed with chopped onions. It’s enough to give anyone food-related trust issues. But it also means you might be able to relate to this hilarious skit. 

Sure, the video is a couple weeks old, but they stored it an old Country Crock container so it’s held up pretty well. See for yourself.  

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