'R. Kelly, 'Shut Up': Singer Vs. Tonsil Surgery Haters (VIDEO)

R. Kelly's Latest Is For All The Tonsil-Surgery Haters

Alright, who told R. Kelly he's washed up, lost it, aint got it no more? Said he was done, there's no way this time he's gonna overcome? Anyone? No one? Doesn't matter! You're wrong!

Since the emergency tonsil surgery you said spelled the end for R. (But did you? We looked everywhere online and couldn't find one person who did), he's recovered with a song in hand that defies your haterating. So far the track, which R. posted as a Twitvid today, is identified only by the header, "It's been a long time coming but I finally feel a lot better about my throat..." Yes, that would be a great title. But our money's on it turning into either "Shut Up," which he keeps telling us to tell haters to do, or "OMG," for this part:

"Let's be honest. How many baby's been made off me?...Oh. Em. Gee."

How many babies have been made off R. Kelly? Actually, how to make babies off a person, full stop? Is R. Kelly a human gas-lit stove and are babies quesadillas??? There are a lot of questions wrapped into this track, like there would be in a baby burrito. But the real point is, his voice sounds great. Thank you haters, thank you R., thank you confluence of circumstances for this new baby quesadilla called "Shut Up" (slash "It's Been A Long Time Coming But I Finally Feel A Lot Better About My Throat").


(via Pitchfork)

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