Star Wars R2D2 Cupcakes

R2D2 is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Star Wars characters. How could you not love him?? He's lovable but snarky; he battles droids; and is the holder of the map of the Jedi temples.

If you love R2D2 as much as I do, you'll want to make these R2D2 cupcakes. With these super easy instructions from JK of the Koalipops Youtube channel, you too can have your very own R2D2 cupcakes.


Here's a list of all the things you need:

Your favorite cupcakes with white frosting
Gold sprinkles
Pretzel sticks
Candy melts (white and grey)
Icing (Blue, red and black)

First you're going to work with the Twinkies! Cover two-thirds of the Twinkie with white candy melt, and let dry for about five minutes and then cover the tip in the grey candy melt. Let the Twinkie dry for an hour so that it is completely dry when you work with it.



Once the Twinkie is dry, decorate! Use the blue, black and red icing to create the R2D2 detail and cut off the bottom of the Twinkie.


Frost your cupcake, cover with the gold sprinkles and stick the pretzel stick in the middle.


Cut the bottom third of R2D2 that is not iced and stick R2D2 onto the pretzel stick (the pretzel will hold R2 in place) and finish decorating R2D2's arms. Now you have your very own R2D2 #squad.


You can watch JK's full video here:

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