R2-D2 Engagement Ring Wows 'Star Wars'-Obsessed Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Luke Skywalker Would Approve Of This Engagement Ring

The Force was with one New Jersey tattoo artist when he set out to create an R2-D2-inspired engagement ring for his "Star Wars"-obsessed girlfriend.

After deciding on the concept, Joe Pagani selected jewelry designer Paul Michael Bieker to create the ring for his girlfriend Emily, a fellow tattoo artist. Pagani and Bieker worked together to create a sapphire and diamond ring that really does look like R2-D2.

Pagani proposed to Emily on Halloween in front of the tattoo shop where they met, while the two were dressed as Charlie Brown and Lucy from "Peanuts." Emily said, "Yes!", of course.

Watch a video of Pagani's proposal above, then click through the slideshow below for some of our favorite unique engagement rings from Etsy.

Rough Diamond Ring

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