Rabia Chaudry, Adnan Syed Family Friend, Opens Up About 'Serial' Finale

Fans of the "Serial" podcast waited with bated breath for a finale that would either vindicate Adnan Syed for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, or prove that he was, in fact, guilty of the crime that landed him a life sentence in a maximum security prison 15 years ago. Instead, listeners were met with a 56-minute audio experience that many deemed inconclusive -- and disappointing.

Rabia Chaudry, a family friend of Syed's who made appearances on the podcast -- and also the lawyer to bring the case to "Serial" host Sarah Koenig's attention -- told HuffPost Live on Wednesday that she "wasn't necessarily surprised" by the finale.

"If there had been a major smoking gun, that would've been dispositive one way or another. I would've known it by now," she said. "Generally, developments that impact the case, Sarah has been telling the people who are involved with his legal work, and I think that's the ethical, responsible thing for her to do."

"Having said that," she continued, "I did hope she would be a little more decisive on where she -- I was personally just curious to see how she felt about Adnan after knowing him the past year."

Nevertheless, Chaudry was "amazed" at Koenig's "work and dedication" on the 12-week podcast, calling it "something remarkable."

"It further confirmed my perspective on the case that there was a lot of stuff that was done improperly by investigators and by the prosecution and that there's even more reasonable doubt than there was 15 years ago," she explained. "She [Koenig] really upped the level of reasonable doubt.... Legally, I thought there was no case."

"Sarah has been successful in even uncovering more reasons that a jury should not have convicted [Adnan]."

Watch the full clip above to hear more from Rabia Chaudry's conversation with HuffPost Live.

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