Bandit Raccoon Swipes Man’s Phone, Captures Entire Heist On Film

He also stole our hearts!

Is this cunning critter getting his bachelors degree in craftiness?

A viral video posted on Twitter features a rascally raccoon stealing a college student’s cell phone and inadvertently recording the entire ordeal.

On Tuesday night, Guy Williams, who attends Bellarmine University in Kentucky, spotted the raccoon on campus and decided it’d be fun to get a few closeups of the little guy. The 19-year-old placed his phone on the grass, pressed record and used acorns to lure the animal into frame, he told Buzzfeed News.

The masked mammal, whom Williams nicknamed Stanley, lost interest in snacks and snatched the phone instead, running off into the woods with it.

Williams was shocked and ran after the raccoon. One of Williams’ friends recorded the thrilling chase:

Stanley eventually dropped the phone and Williams found it by calling his own number. He later insisted via Twitter that he never harmed Stanley during the encounter.

After the video went viral, the university deemed Stanley a campus legend.

As of Thursday afternoon, Williams’ cute clip had received over 221,000 likes and 140,000 retweets.

What a rockin’ raccoon.



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