Raccoon Steals Doughnut At Shop, Forgets The Coffee

"Canada's answer to the Pizza Rat."

Watch a critter swipe a fritter.

A raccoon was filmed stealing a doughnut from a Toronto-area doughnut shop, and now the masked bandit is a YouTube star.

Peter Jensen, who shot the video, told the Toronto Sun the raccoon entered the store through a hole in the ceiling Sunday night and was cheered on by customers while the owner tried to usher the varmint out with a broom.

Jensen told BuzzFeed Canada he "kind of freaked out a little bit."

“At first, I thought it was the wind pushing a tile around, then I saw a nose and thought it was a huge rat,” Jensen told the Sun. “And then I saw the hand come down. I started laughing my head off. He has the audacity to be picky. He roots around a little and gets an orange fritter or cruller."

Jensen, who did not identify the store, said the raccoon was in action for about 30 minutes and stole two other doughnuts.

“I've heard my video is ‘Canada’s answer to the pizza rat,'" Jensen said to the Sun.

The CBC couldn't resist a reference to the Big Apple's slice-stealing rodent either, writing, "It's unclear if PizzaRat and Toronto's raccoon bandit will team up to become their own snack-stealing duo."

We wouldn't be surprised.

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